Booking Info (English Version)

Please read the following terms and conditions carefully. To accept them is required for a pleasant procedure of your event.

tube’s is a live-music-cafe and must not be confused with a typical real concert location, especially because of the audible background noises within serving customers.

tube’s is suitable for concerts within the genres blues, pop, singer-songwriter, jazz, fusion, indie, folk, world music, rock (unplugged), comedian …
According to our previous experiences, we see concerts that require a rather calm atmosphere as quite difficult to perform here.

Maximum permissible volume level until 23 o’clock: LAEQ 92 db

Lease rental charges for concerts (18-23 o’clock): € 180,- incl. value added tax.
You don’t have to enroll your event.
AKM bills are to be paid by the promoter.
The organization of the entrance fee is also done by the promoter.
No reservations, open seating only! (Please mention it on your announcements and tickets.)
The promoter is offered 2 tables à 4 chairs right in front of the stage for free disposal.

Setup and delivery: starting from 17 o’clock (handle this as fast and as mindful of the customers as possible)

Sound check: starting from 18 o’clock, as short as possible in order to avoid limiting coffee-serving business. Rehearsals are forbidden!

Beginning of the concert: between 19 and 21 o’clock

End of the concert: not later than 23 o’clock

Deconstruction: right after the end of the concert. Additional tube’s equipment has to be placed back from where you’ve gotten it.

Air-conditioned, a maximum of 40 table seats – additional a maximum of 70 standing places, or a total maximum of 150 standing places.
The placement of tables and chairs is only arranged by tube’s as following a decree of the authorities.
Backstage area is about 15 m²

H x W x D = 0,25 x 5,8 x 3,4 m


Miscellaneous par- and Fresnel lenses, small light mixing console, presets without administration. Further effort is only is only put into this upon agreement.

PA: 2 x Mackie SRM 450 hanging from the ceiling, 2 x Monitor Mackie SRM 450
Mixing console: Mackie 1402-VLZ PRO 14 Channel Mic/Line Mixer
miscellaneous microphones, tripods, DI units

Due to an authorities decree, additional PA speakers are forbidden!!!

The “experienced” control of the sound system is available to the event organizer.
As you wish and tell us right away, we can also provide you a sound and/or a light technician.

Price for sound technician: starting from € 80,- excl. value added tax.
Price for light technician: starting from € 60,- excl. value added tax.

tube’s offers the promoter a limited amount of half-priced drinks.
You’re not allowed to bring your own drinks to the location.

Parking lots are available in the nearby surroundings.

Sunday/Monday: CLOSED!

For available concert dates please have a look at our calendar.

Please message us your billing address and everything about your event (photos, promotion texts, entrance fee, ticket shops, entry, phone number and so on) right after your event has been scheduled successfully. We’d also like to get some posters (A2 size preferred).

The promoter’s tasks include the responsibility of informing each one of the people involved about these given terms and conditions and furthermore liability about them sticking to these rules.

Postponement or cancellation will require you to pay the full charges for the already scheduled event!

We’d also like to make you an offer for your closed event.